Two children playing in a mist station at a playground.
Park Road Park (Nancy Pierce/MCPRD)

What is Meck Playbook?

Mecklenburg County has experienced sustained (often booming!) growth since the mid 1800s. Amid this evolution, the County has consistently maintained a clear, supported vision for our parks and recreation system, described through a visual framework and actionable steps.

Meck Playbook will build upon and go beyond these prior planning efforts to establish achievable ways for the County to respond to future recreation trends, adapt to the needs of an evolving community, align maintenance investment with capital spending, and embody its mission — all while protecting what is important about the County’s unique spirit of the place.

Meck Playbook is an 18-month comprehensive planning and outreach project to help create the parks and recreation system of tomorrow. Meck Playbook will result in a plan for future parks and programs and develop a vision and strategies to meet the recreation needs of County residents and create vibrant places for people who visit and work in the County.

The Playbook will be developed in close collaboration between the County and the community. At the end of the plan process, Meck Playbook will be shared with the Park and Recreation Commission and Board of County Commissioners for approval.

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Accessibility is often considered when designing for people with disabilities, but should also include the ability for all people to access parks, greenways, and facilities.

The proximity of a park, greenway trail, nature preserve, or recreation facility to the public with safe means of getting there (walking, biking, transit, or driving).

Regardless of skin color, sexual orientation, ability or ethnicity everyone in our community should have the same investment in their parks and open spaces.

A strip of undeveloped land near an urban area, set aside for recreational use or environmental protection.

Linear trails designed to connect people and places together. Mecklenburg County greenway trails are often paved shared use paths that are open to pedestrians and cyclists 24/7.

Publicly owned or protected green space that is open to the public for recreation and leisure.

Each type of park classification category serves a specific purpose, and the amenities and facilities in each park type must be designed for the number of citizens the park is intended to serve, drive time, active and passive amenities, and the uses it has been assigned. In the 2008 Master Plan, Mecklenburg County open spaces were classified as either a regional park, community park, neighborhood park, nature preserve, greenway, or special facility.

A measure of how friendly an area is to walking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Previously, there was a separate Greenway Master Plan, but Meck Playbook integrates greenway trails alongside natural surface trails, parks, nature preserves, and facilities.

Check out the 10 Year Comprehensive Master Plan from 2008 and the 2015 update here.

Yes! Since the project kickoff, we have engaged in conversations with representatives from the City of Charlotte and the towns located in Mecklenburg County.

During the 18-month planning process, we have three public meeting milestones. At each milestone, we are holding three public meetings in geographically dispersed locations throughout the County. We are also hosting 8-12 “pop-up meetings” at popular community destinations during existing events. Additionally, we are publicizing event invites, surveys, and additional information online and through community stakeholders. If you have a suggestion to improve our process, please email us.

The best method to report an issue is to call 3-1-1.

No. Mecklenburg County serves as the Park and Recreation agency for the City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County, and the 6 incorporated towns. Five of the six towns also have independent Park and Recreation Departments, which work collaboratively with the County.